Sutro Baths San Francisco

This past October I made my annual trip to San Francisco for holiday mini sessions. A client recommend the Sutro Baths and I had NO idea they even existed! Here is a bit of the history of the baths taken from :

Sutro Baths opened March 14, 1896 with a $1 million pricetag — an extravagant public bathhouse envisioned and developed by the eccentric one-time mayor of San Francisco, Adolph Sutro. After working its way through its many lives (Playland, 1960s ice rink, etc..)— burned down while being demolished on June 26, 1966. In 1980 the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) bought the land for $5,500,000. 

What remains is an absolutely fascinating structure of ruins on the coast with so much visual interest, it is a must see. Once again, beautiful San Francisco does not fail to amaze me with its beauty and awesome people!